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Creek Fishing Essentials

Creek fishing is a great way to target to target multiple kinds of fish species. In this blog post, we will be going over various lures that are guaranteed to get you some bites.

Aux Sable Creek, IL

Rooster Tail Spinners

Rooster tails are a great option for fishing creeks. Not only are they a great size of spinner, but they also have bright flash and bold patterns. If the water you're fishing seems to be muddy or murky, we recommend using rooster tails with either dark colors or high contrast to allow for easier visibility for fish.

Insect Plastics

Small insect plastics are a great way to present natural-looking baits for any creek fish species. They have both a realistic look and feel, making them a fantastic alternative to natural baits. These lures are best used in shallower water due to their little size, but can also be used efficiently medium-range depths.

Topwater Poppers

Topwater poppers are fun and effective when fishing creeks of all depths. They are essentially weedless and always lead to fun blowups by fish on the water surface. Additionally, their sets of treble hooks help to ensure that each bite leads to a catch.

Ned Rigs

Last but not least, ned rigs are one of the most effective creek fishing options out there today. The action from the lure, along with its size and appearance, make the fish go crazy! A great feature of ned rigs is that fish of all sizes cannot resist taking this bait, making it an all-around lure.

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