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How to Fish Longer Worm Lures

In this blog post we will be discussing how to fish worm plastics that are 6" and above effectively. Additionally, we'll recommend some of our favorite worm plastics that are sure to get you some big bass!

Photo by Hayden Minor

Longer worm plastics are a great way to increase the action of your presentation and target larger bass. Depending on the length of your worm, your fishing techniques will vary.

6 to 7 Inch Worms

When using slightly larger worms, usually ranging from 6-7", we recommend using Texas rigs or even heavier ned rigs. The key is to keep these longer lures on the bottom and gently jigging them slightly above the bottom surface.

8 Inches and Above

When using worms in the 8" and above range, we highly recommend using the shaky head rig. This allows for the worm to shake across the bottom surface with the tail remaining slightly upwards. This presentation drives bass crazy and is a reliable way to get some bites.

Lures to Use

  • Yum Ribbontail Worm

  • Googan Mondo Worm

  • Keitech Mad Wag Long

  • Zoom Ol' Monster

  • Powerbait Power Worm

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